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Benefits Advising

Take control of cost and quality of employee benefits

SBIS helps employers take control of their healthcare spend while improving the quality of employee benefits to their workforce creating tangible advantages in both bottom-line profits and company culture.

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Cost & Quality

When it comes down to it, there are three main factors that define our approach to employee benefits. Lower cost, higher quality care for employees and full alignment with our clients.

Lower Cost

Typical insurance plans have a lot of unnecessary built-in costs. Our strategies audit and address these consistently yielding massive savings.

Higher Quality

Higher quality healthcare for lower out-of-pocket costs means happier, healthier, more productive employees that’ll stick around for the long-haul.

Fully Aligned

Typically, brokers get paid commissions which comes with inherent conflicts. TO avoid this, SBIS Associates offers a fully aligned, fully transparent consultant model.

Time to take Control

Aida approached Stanton Engineering at a time when we were being represented by another firm, and we were considering making a change. Aida’s marketing information was easy to understand, thorough, but not overwhelming. We decided to take a chance. The experience has been everything that we were promised it would be. Aida is professional, prompt in responding, provides relevant and expert information, and she does all of this with a positive and friendly manner.

Mike Stanton

Aida with SBIS saved us last year from a sub-par broker we had worked with for six years. We were thrilled to find a company ready to answer our questions quickly and completely. She has helped us with HR related questions to the more common insurance questions. Aida is so much more than a broker to us, she is like a friend with great advice.

Sharon Norton

SBIS has been an amazing partnership to Moso Natural; checking in on us, breaking down benefits to be easily understood and always being there to help. I feel confident that my employees are well taken care of.

Julie Bosak

Gain Clarity. Take Control.

Feel confident knowing SBIS Advisers advocate for your business with the complete transparency and alignment needed to take control and surpass your goals.
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